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Z-Core PM

Z-Core PM has been developed by the world-famous MusclePharm. This product is designed to support natural testosterone levels, muscle strength, and recovery. MusclePharm present this product as the ultimate “anabolic mineral support formula for deep restful sleep”.

The primary goal of this product is to build muscle, and the main stock ingredient is fenugreek.

Z-Core PM

Serving Information

Each serving size is the equivalent to 1 capsule, and there are 60 capsules in every container.

Relevant Ingredients

Z-Core PM contains a number of high quality ingredients such as vitamin B6. This vitamin is responsible for performing a whole array of important functions inside the human body such as allowing the body to use and store energy that it gets from proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin B6 also helps to manufacture haemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Vitamin B6 on its own is not known for its testosterone enhancing properties; however some studies have suggested that it may be effective in maintaining existing levels.

Z-Core PM also contains copper. Copper is commonly found in organ meats such as shellfish, dried beans, peas, whole wheat, and chocolate. Even water in certain areas contains copper. Copper helps to create red blood cells, as well as helping to metabolise cholesterol and glucose, and synthesise life-sustaining proteins and enzymes. Copper is also responsible for stimulating the immune system, to allow the body fight infections. A number of studies have suggested that copper may be effective in enhancing testosterone. In the same time, there are also a number of studies that suggest that copper is completely ineffective in this regard. The subject is the centre of a hot debate in nutritional circles.

Z-Core PM also contains magnesium, which is an essential mineral that helps to convert food into energy, and also helps to ensure that the parathyroid glands are in good working order. It has been suggested that magnesium may be effective in maintaining existing testosterone levels, and not necessarily increasing them.

Zinc and fenugreek are both clinically proven ingredients that have repeatedly demonstrated in trials there testosterone enhancing capabilities. Starting with zinc, studies have revealed that men with zinc deficiencies nearly always had low testosterone levels. On the other hand, men with a healthy zinc intake through their diets, nearly always had healthy testosterone levels.

Fenugreek on the other hand, is an Ayurveda herb that has shown to enhance testosterone. However, this notion is the subject of hot debate, and depending on which side you affiliate yourself with, you will either accept this ingredient as a natural testosterone enhancer, or you won’t.

And finally, the melatonin in Z-Core PM acts as a powerful antioxidant, which works to enhance sleep and relaxation.


A small number of people have reported experiencing irritations to the skin and the stomach.

How to Use Z-Core

The manufacturer recommends that you take between one and two capsules on a daily basis, preferably on an empty stomach, around an hour before your bedtime.

How Much is Z-Core?


Our Take

Z-Core PM is a mediocre testosterone booster. Looking at the ingredients, it’s only the zinc and fenugreek elements that will actively work to enhance your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, the remaining ingredients such as magnesium, copper, and vitamin B6 are only useful for maintaining existing levels. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to have healthy testosterone levels to begin with, these ingredients will be extremely effective in keeping your levels there. But if you happen to suffer from low testosterone, these ingredients on their own will do very little.Top Rated Testosterone BoosterDiscover Why PrimeMale leaves the competition behind….


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