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What Is Testosterone? We Break It Down

Most bodybuilders will come to a point in their training regime when they will start looking into what role testosterone plays when it comes to developing the muscles. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is responsible for defining your sex when you are inside your mother’s belly.

what is testosterone

Testosterone can best be described as an anabolic hormone which is responsible for many of the masculine features and characteristics such as muscle growth, increases in strength, deep voice, and the growth of body hair amongst many other things. Women also have a certain amount of testosterone, but in comparison to men, it is only fractional.

The danger for women who take testosterone for its anabolic effects is that they can sometimes risk developing male features such as the growth of body and facial hair. Usually, testosterone levels tend to be higher in the mornings, and they have a tendency to drop towards the evening. A recent study found that testosterone levels are at their peak at around 6 AM, and they reach their lowest ebb at around 1 AM.

If you are considering taking a blood test to measure your testosterone levels, it is best performed in the morning to get a more accurate picture. As with most hormones, testosterone tends to fluctuate from day-to-day and it is sensible to take three samples, so you can get an average.

What Is Testosterone Regulated by?

If the problem originates in the brain, this may cause excessive production of prolactine which ends up being much higher then what it should be. Meanwhile, the production of LH (luteinizing hormone) can drop much lower than where it should be. It is not uncommon for doctors to check all three elements (testosterone, prolactine and LH) in order to get a clearer picture of exactly what is going on inside the body.

This is exactly the point where you should consider using a natural testosterone boosting supplement that is rich in testosterone boosting ingredients such as D-aspartic acid. These supplements will encourage your body to produce more LH which will naturally cause an increase in testosterone production.

Another point to consider is if prolactine levels become too high, this can sometimes lead to devastating consequences for the pituitary gland. It is not unusual to develop a pituitary tumor (more commonly known as “brain tumor”). It is important to understand that the brain will naturally produce more prolactine under stressful situations where one becomes agitated.

The Importance of Checking and Understanding What Is Testosterone

Remember, by having and maintaining normal testosterone levels will help you in all areas of your life including your mind. Your general mood and well-being will be greatly amplified. Your body will also see a number of benefits including increased muscle mass, as well as better bone density. And lastly, your sex drive, sperm count and fertility can also be greatly enhanced.

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