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VirMax T

VirMax T is simply described as the “maximum testosterone booster”. This supplement has been developed by Bioheal Corporation. VirMax T is a “once a day supplement”, that is rich in magnesium, which is essential for maintaining more than 300 biochemicals inside the body. Users can expect amazing muscle maintenance, a healthy nervous system, a steady rhythmic heart, strong bones, and a powerful immune system. The zinc element of VirMax T is essential for testosterone production. Tribulus Terrestris “increases the body’s testosterone production as much as 50%”, as well as helping with sexual performance, and building lean muscle mass.

VirMax T

Serving Information

Each serving sizes the equivalent to 1 capsule, and there are 30 capsules in every container.

Relevant Ingredients

The main ingredients used in this product include magnesium, which is a type of dietary mineral, and is known to support existing testosterone levels. Magnesium is not known to increase testosterone, period. Zinc is a type of mineral, which numerous clinical studies have shown to increase testosterone levels. The studies seem to point to the fact that men who consumed plenty of zinc on a daily basis tended to have higher testosterone levels than men who displayed signs of zinc deficiencies.

Tribulus Terrestris is a type of herb that has long been used for its aphrodisiac properties. In direct contradiction to what the manufacturer of VirMax has stated on its official website, this ingredient is just an aphrodisiac, and not a testosterone enhancer. The majority of the studies looking at the effects of tribulus on testosterone levels have been inconclusive.

Fenugreek on the other hand is also a type of herb that a good number of clinical studies have shown to have positive effects on testosterone.

Korean Ginseng, which is sometimes referred to as Panax Ginseng is a type of herb that has demonstrated repeatedly during clinical trials its positive effects on a number of hormones, testosterone being one of them.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Extract) is a type of herb, and its effects on testosterone are minimal.

And finally, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is also a type of herb which has been studied for its effects on testosterone, and the results were not very promising.


Side-effects include accelerated hair loss, bouts is of rage, and difficulties in sleeping at night.

How to Use VirMax T

Users are advised to take 1 tablet daily. Under no circumstances are you advised to exceed four tablets a day.

How Much is VirMax T?

$18.95 (30 Capsules)

VirMax T Rating


Our Take

Four ingredients have at least some bearing on testosterone levels. To start with, magnesium is not really a testosterone enhancer; it can best be described as a testosterone maintainer. Zinc is undeniably effective in enhancing testosterone, as highlighted in numerous clinical studies. Fenugreek, which forms a part of the Ayurveda plant family is not only a powerful libido enhancer, recent clinical studies have revealed that it possesses powerful testosterone enhancing elements. And finally, Korean ginseng is a globally recognized testosterone enhancing herb.

Therefore in terms of testosterone enhancement, you can expect considerable gains. Our experts feel that the recommended dosage is not enough; however this does not mean that we recommend exceeding the RDA. On the negative side, this product has triggered a number of side-effects.Top Rated Testosterone BoosterDiscover Why PrimeMale leaves the competition behind….


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