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The Testosterone and Muscle Link: Goes Much Further Than You Might Think!

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced inside the body. Up to 96% of testosterone is used for different purposes inside the body, but fitness fanatics, and bodybuilders take a keen interest in it due to its ability to help them undergo physical change. It goes without saying that an increase in testosterone will lead to greater muscle mass.


In this article, you will learn exactly how this happens. You may be surprised to learn that elevated testosterone levels also have a downside. Take anabolic steroids for example. They involve pumping synthetic (man-made) testosterone into the body, and this causes the testicles to become lazy, and in some cases become inactive.

The testicles will sense the surge of the extra testosterone, leading them to stop producing their own. This will lead to a condition called testicular shrinkage.  Some people wanting to increase testosterone may opt to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.


Testosterone replacement therapies have grown in popularity in recent years, and can come in the form of injections, patches, gels, as well as other forms. Unfortunately, testosterone replacement therapies can more often than not expose individuals to potentially nasty side-effects, which include the development of man boobs, excessive hair loss, and even muscle loss, after an initial increase.

A safer solution to testosterone replacement therapy is using a natural testosterone booster.

Natural testosterone boosters are very different to anabolic steroids because they do not provide the body with extra testosterone; they simply encourage the body to produce more of its own. This means that a natural testosterone booster will not cause testicular shrinkage, if anything the testicles will become healthier, due to their extra workload.

Furthermore natural testosterone boosters contain mainly natural ingredients, and most sports organizations do not consider their use to be illegal. The best thing about natural testosterone boosters is that there is no requirement for a prescription, and any potential side-effects are usually minor.

A Bit More about Testosterone


Both sexes produce testosterone, although the average male will produce around 7 mg of the hormone, which is 15 times more than what the average woman will produce. In males, testosterone is produced in the leydig cells, which are located inside the testicles. The moment testosterone finds its way around the bloodstream, up to 96% connects itself to globulin and albumins, which are types of proteins that assist this hormone to travel down to the kidneys.

The remaining testosterone is normally referred to as “free” testosterone, which interacts with other cells leading to physical changes. This essentially means that the more “free” testosterone your body has, the higher the chances you have of building bigger muscles.

A Bit More about “Free” Testosterone


Numerous studies have pointed to the fact that the supplementation of “free” testosterone almost certainly leads to greater muscle increases, and this is done in a number of different ways. Testosterone is able to increase muscle mass because it induces protein synthesis. Furthermore, testosterone works to counter the effects of cortisol.

Raised testosterone levels will increase the likelihood of testosterone “trumping” the effects of cortisol, which is known to slow down muscle growth, and even breakdown existing muscle mass. Testosterone is also responsible for producing more red blood cells, which allow for better oxygen flow throughout the body, and ultimately leading to improved endurance.

And Finally…

benefits of testosterone

The benefits of testosterone and not just restricted to muscle growth, this hormone is also responsible for strengthening the skeletal structure. Testosterone helps to aid certain “satellite cells” which work to produce nitrogen inside the muscles, as well as certain hormones, such as the IGF-I hormone. The culmination of all the benefits of testosterone provides to male health, ultimately leads to much more effective muscle growth.

Just to reiterate, anabolic steroids and growth hormones and should be avoided at all costs, due to their long-term ill effects. Find yourself a good quality testosterone booster, and you will be sure to enhance your testosterone levels, safely and naturally.

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