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Testosterone Boosters: A Viable Alternative to Steroids?

It is quite normal for professional sportsman and women to turn to supplements to help improve their performance. Testosterone boosters in particular are on the rise, in terms of their popularity, because they are known to help athletes to build on their muscle mass and strength.

The concept of testosterone boosters was introduced as a legal alternative to steroids.

The popular brands are made from ingredients such as D aspartic acid, fenugreek, zinc, ginseng, and stinging nettle. These ingredients are proven to assist the body in producing more of its own testosterone. At present, testosterone boosters are not regulated by the FDA.

Some of the known benefits of these supplements include:




Muscle Growth


Provided that a testosterone booster is used in conjunction with a weight-training program, they have shown to speed up the muscle growth process. Training sessions are said to have been revolutionized. The microscopic tears that muscles endure during resistance training are normally ‘healed’ during the rest phase. The increase in testosterone helps to accelerate the regrowth and repair phase, which allows the individual to train much harder without experiencing symptoms of ‘overdoing it’.

Despite the number of benefits a good quality testosterone booster can provide, a number of dissenting voices point to the fact that it is unproven that the supplements increase testosterone levels, where muscle growth is actually accelerated.

Better Motivation


It is claimed that testosterone boosters may be responsible for increased rage and motivation during the workout sessions. It is quite normal for a ‘motivated’ athlete to train harder and experience quicker muscle development. Unfortunately, even a high profile publication such as the Time magazine has suggested that these claims seem to be exaggerated.

Regrettably for Time magazine, their claims seem to be without merit and evidence. Looking deeper into their published article, it seems that they have ‘hand-picked’ the ‘opinions’ of a couple of professionals, whose views fall in line with the publication.



Improved Sex Life

Improved Sex Life

Testosterone booster ingredients such as fenugreek certainly play an important role as a natural remedy to combat impotence and low libido. The elevated testosterone levels are proven to improve sexual desire, particularly in older men. Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, are known to negatively hinder the body’s natural testosterone production, as well as fertility.

Natural testosterone boosters are believed to encourage the body to produce more of its own testosterone, which provides numerous benefits to the body, including the sexual organs.

So What Does This Mean?

Natural testosterone boosters are proven to be formidable alternatives to anabolic steroids. Firstly, they encourage the body to increase its own testosterone production, which naturally leads to numerous benefits, particularly for males. The extra testosterone no doubt helps to encourage greater muscle development, strength increases, the ability to maintain concentration, and all this in turn provides for greater motivation in all aspects of life.

Anabolic steroids work to shut down the body’s own testosterone production because the surge of testosterone that is pumped into the body, signals to the testes that they are no longer required to produce any more of the hormone. This often leads to a condition called ‘testicular shrinkage’.

In our opinion, natural testosterone boosters not only match the positive functions of anabolic steroids, they actually the surpass them. Not only do users experience more testosterone, they avoid the pitfalls of the side-effects that anabolic steroids present. Therefore, in our opinion, natural testosterone boosters are a ‘godsend’ to people who may be contemplating using anabolic steroids.

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