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Test HD October 3, 2014 By Leave a Comment

Test HD is a hard-core testosterone booster that harnesses the power of testosterone. This product has been developed by MuscleTech. MuscleTech claim that the key ingredients in Test HD “have been suggested to support testosterone levels”. Test HD does not have to be used as part of a cycle, and only contains the highest quality ingredients. This product works to increase “total” testosterone, an increase “serum” testosterone levels after 90 days.

Test HD also works to reduce levels of estradiol, within the first seven days of use, freeing up more testosterone which is critical for “initiating muscle mass”.

Serving Information

Each serving sizes the equivalent to 1 caplet, and there are 90 caplets in every container.

Relevant Ingredients

The main testosterone enhancing ingredients in Test HD include zinc, which is a type of mineral that has been the focus of a number of clinical studies involving testosterone enhancement. The majority of the existing studies have concluded that men with a high intake of zinc on a daily basis nearly always had healthier testosterone levels than men suffering from a zinc deficiency.

Calcium is a type of nutrient, commonly found in most dairy products, especially milk. This ingredient has failed to prove any testosterone enhancing elements during a number of clinical studies.

Tribulus Terrestris is a type of herb that has been used as an aphrodisiac, as well as a male vitality and ability enhancer. In recent years, this ingredient has been touted as an effective testosterone enhancer, but in actual clinical studies, it has failed to demonstrate this alleged potential.

Shilajit is a mixture of minerals that are commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. Unfortunately, this is a very new concept in the West, and is in need of further study to truly determine its potential to affect hormones, especially testosterone.

Boron is a type of dietary mineral that is being increasingly studied for its testosterone enhancement potential. Preliminary studies have revealed mixed results, where some have shown minor increases in testosterone, and others have failed to identify any changes.

Stinging Nettle is a type of plant that often grows wild, especially in the northern hemisphere. Although it can be horrible to touch, studies have revealed that it possesses beneficial elements for testosterone.

Mucuna Pruriens, also known as Velvet Bean, as the name suggests is a type of been which studies have shown it possesses testosterone enhancing capabilities.


No major side-effects have been reported.

How to Use Test HD

Take one caplet twice a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. On training days, you should take 1 of the caplets 30 minutes before working out. You are strongly advised not to exceed 2 caplets within a 24-hour period.

How Much is Test HD?

$54.95 (90 caplets)

Our Take

In all honesty, this is a difficult testosterone booster to summarize. Looking at the ingredients, 3 are backed by clinical studies in regards to testosterone enhancement. Zinc ,Mucuna Pruriens and Stingling Nettle have proven track records for this purpose, but Boron remains a bit of a mystery, because the majority of the studies have delivered a mixed bag of results. Furthermore, there have been no studies on Shilajit, due to its recent introduction in the West. There have been no studies looking into this ingredient’s capabilities; for that reason to make any wild claims about its testosterone enhancement potential is actually misleading.

Although you can expect sufficient testosterone enhancement, this will not be anywhere near as much as what the manufacturer will have you believe.

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