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Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger

Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger (aka swiss navy testosterone booster) is the “ultimate blend to build a leaner, ripped body”. This testosterone supplement contains 14 keys components, all relevant to testosterone, which will help to increase the male sex drive, build lean muscle mass, and experience crazy energy levels. Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger is a powerful formula which contains only the highest quality ingredients, which are described as “an advanced potency formula designed for a dual purpose”.

Firstly it will help to increase the sex drive, and secondly it will help to build incredible muscle mass. This product is perfectly suitable for men with medical conditions that would normally prohibit stimulatory supplements.

Bodybuilders will also find this product incredible to use because they will seamlessly achieve more lean body mass. For men who may be wishing to lose weight will find the fatty deposits around their bodies soon disappear. And finally, men simply wishing to increase testosterone need look no further.

 Swiss Navy Testosterone TriggerServing Information

Each serving size is equivalent to 2 tablets, and you will find 30 tablets in each container of Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger.

(Relevent) Ingredients

Magnesium is known to maintain testosterone levels as opposed to increasing them.

Zinc is a recognized testosterone enhancing mineral. All of the existing studies have suggested that men with healthy intakes of zinc nearly always had higher testosterone than men with zinc deficiencies.

Selenium’s testosterone enhancing properties are extremely uncertain, and tribulus terrestris has delivered a mixed bag of results in this regard.

L-Arginine, eurycoma longifolia, ginkgo biloba, horny goat weed, and cnidium monnier extract are all impotent in terms of testosterone enhancement, as demonstrated in clinical studies.


No side effects reported.

How to Use Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger

For best results, it is advised to take two tablets on a daily basis. Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger should not be used by individuals under the age of 18, or those who may be suffering from hormone related cancers.

How Much is Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger?


Our Take

Swiss Navy Testosterone Trigger contains no less than nine ingredients, of which only two are capable of increasing testosterone levels. The remaining ingredients are clinically proven to be ineffective in positively influencing testosterone. It may be the case that these ingredients have been”squeezed in” to make up the numbers, and try and justify the relatively modest price-tag.

In the absence of more important, and potent testosterone enhancing ingredients such as d-aspartic acid and vitamin d, the magnesium and zinc content can only offer you very moderate improvements in this regard. And to be honest, all these facts are reflected in the extremely modest pricing of this product.

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