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Rating Criteria: Learn How We “Rate” Products – Testosterone Booster Advice

learn how we rate products

Our rating criteria could not be simpler. Each product is assessed in five categories.

Testosterone Increase – is directly linked to the ingredients. The more effective the ingredients are in relation to testosterone enhancement, the more stars will be awarded in this category.

Effective Ingredients– when choosing your testosterone booster, always keep this category in the forefront of your mind. After all, it is the ingredients that will determine a product’s effectiveness. A lot of testosterone boosters contain ingredients that bear no relevance to enhancing testosterone. That’s exactly why you should not think that the more ingredients a product contains, the more effective it will be.

It is vital to look out for the relevant ingredients.

Each relevant testosterone enhancing ingredient will be awarded two stars.

Value for Money – this category is concerned with the proportionality and appropriateness of the quality of ingredients with the product’s price. Some testosterone boosters retail at less than $10 for a month’s supply. But if the ingredients used are ineffective in enhancing testosterone, this will be reflected in the number of stars it is awarded.

Side Effect Free– unfortunately, some testosterone boosters can expose users to more side-effects than it is really necessary. The more stars awarded in this category, the fewer side-effects will be experienced.

Overall Rating– this category is a culmination of the previous four.



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