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PrimeMale is a new testosterone booster that is designed to overcome symptoms of low testosterone. This product specifically targets the average male (as opposed to only athletes and bodybuilders) who can benefit from using this product.

A lot of the competition is targeted towards the sporty, athletic type of guy who works hard in the gym, day in day out. In reality, most guys don’t actually fall in this category.

PrimeMale is created from a heavy-duty cocktail of clinically proven testosterone enhancing ingredients that are designed to aid the creation, the facilitation, and distribution of testosterone inside the body in the most natural and safest way possible.

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Serving Information

Each serving size is the equivalent to 4 capsules, and there are 120 capsules in every container of PrimeMale. Most people find PrimeMale relatively easy to factor into a busy lifestyle.

Relevant Ingredients

Here comes the juicy bit, because the manufacturer makes a lot about the ingredients used. The main ingredients include D-aspartic acid which is a type of amino acid that has been repeatedly tried and tested during clinical trials for its testosterone enhancing capabilities.

Bioperine, which is created from black peppers, is known to increase nutrient absorption by up to 20 times. This basically means that any accompanying testosterone boosting ingredients such as D-aspartic acid will be better absorbed with the presence of this ingredient.

Magnesium may not be a testosterone enhancer in its own right, but it certainly helps to increase “free” testosterone by reducing the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) count inside the body. This ingredient works in harmony with the previous two.

Mucuna pruriens, sometimes referred to as “velvet bean”, has demonstrated in a of number clinical studies its testosterone enhancing properties.

Stinging nettle is a type of plant that commonly grows wild, particularly in the northern hemisphere. Although this plant may be horrible to touch, preliminary studies have revealed this ingredient to be a potent testosterone enhancer.

Oyster extract is probably the “USP” in this product. Oysters are one of the best sources of zinc found anywhere, and zinc is essential when trying to increase testosterone. Repeated studies have found that men with healthy zinc intakes, nearly always had higher testosterone levels than men displaying symptoms of zinc deficiencies.

And finally, vitamin B6 is a recognized androgen receptor stimulator that instructs the testicles to produce more testosterone, vitamin D3 is found to be a major contributor to healthy testosterone levels, and vitamin K2 amplifies the effects of vitamin D3.


No reported side effects.

How to Use PrimeMale

The manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule four times a day, preferably accompanied by a meal.

PrimeMale How Much is PrimeMale?

$69.00 120 caplets

PrimeMale Rating


Our Take

Users confirm looking and feeling better in a relatively short time. Muscle mass development is greatly enhanced, the libido skyrockets, and the general sense of well-being is known to swell.

The ingredients used in this product are of an extremely high quality, and they have been ingenuously combined to work synergistically with one another. In a nutshell, PrimeMale is an extremely potent testosterone enhancing formula.

After taking this into account, the price tag of $69.00 seems to be very reasonable, especially when you take into account the numerous benefits you can potentially receive.

Unfortunately, PrimeMale cannot be purchased from any other retailers other than the manufacturer.

Currently, the manufacturer has a number of offers available if you are considering purchasing more than one bottle.

To purchase PrimeMale, Click here.

Prime Male Review

Apr 23, 2015 by James T Testosterone Booster Advice , USA

Been using it for around 2 months now and things are looking great

business 0.3

Testosterone Booster Advice , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Been using it for around 2 months now and things are looking great

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