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How to Determine Low Testosterone

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How to Determine Low Testosterone September 3, 2014 By Leave a Comment

Modern research has pointed to the fact that low testosterone has a direct correlation to inflammation and bodily pains. One particular study looked at the results of 100 previous clinical studies retrospectively, and found that a deficiency of this hormone quite often led to pain and inflammation.

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Furthermore, it was established that when testosterone levels fall below a certain threshold, the person becomes more prone to developing chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, as well as accelerated aging. Thanks to advancements in science and research, we now know that there are a number of steps you can take which will help you restore your testosterone levels.

But before we get into the heavy stuff, I have compiled a shortlist of some of the symptoms that can be associated with low testosterone, and these include the following:

  • osteopenia
  • sleep problems
  • low libido
  • afternoon energy zap
  • depression
  • bad moods
  • weight gain
  • impatience
  • irritability
  • lack of energy
  • loss of strength
  • loss of muscle

As you can see, this list is quite substantial, and I have not included all of the symptoms! But despite all of the evidence available today, testosterone will still probably be the last thing on a person’s mind when experiencing any of the above. Look at this way, when was the last time you felt really rundown and you associated that sensation with low testosterone?

Probably never!

Nevertheless, it is still possible for the mentioned symptoms to be triggered by other underlying health conditions such as thyroid issues, and something known as “adrenal fatigue”. The best way in determining whether you are suffering from low testosterone, or your issues are attributed to other underlying medical conditions is by undergoing a simple blood test carried out by your physician.

If your blood test determines that your testosterone levels fall below the 400 ng/dL threshold, this will mean that you are suffering from a testosterone deficiency. It’s quite simple to arrange for a blood test, all you need to do is request one from your doctor.

Sometimes It’s More Than Just Testosterone

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It’s becoming a growing trend that more and more people have started having children in their later years. Unfortunately, testosterone can become a big issue.

All the big pharmaceutical companies have identified this fact and they have been all too quick to offer people low testosterone treatments in the form of patches, gels, injections, as well as many other things. Admittedly, these solutions do increase testosterone levels, but the practicalities of using these products in the long run is not safe, nor is it viable.

In accordance with recent media reports, some of these treatments can often backfire, leaving the individual in a worse position than before. One obvious example is that testosterone treatments involve pumping in synthetic testosterone into the body. This automatically sends signals down to the testes advising them that they no longer need to produce any more testosterone, because there’s plenty in the system already.

This will make the testicles lazy, and inactive, resulting in them becoming smaller. So why have the big pharmaceutical companies been so quick to offer consumers solutions that can potentially do more harm than good? The simple answer is money.

Unfortunately for these big pharmaceutical companies, testosterone is only one of the many hormones inside the male body that needs to be balanced, to provide the best results. They haven’t got this right yet. Individuals who undergo medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapies are simply providing a further imbalance to the one that already exists inside the body.

A safer alternative to testosterone replacement therapy is used in natural testosterone boosters. Natural testosterone boosters can be on par with the medically prescribed therapies in terms of testosterone enhancement, minus the nasty side-effects that they are associated with. Additionally, natural testosterone boosters do not actually provide the body with testosterone, they simply encourage the body to produce more of its own, and remember, “Natural” usually means safer.

There are also a number of lifestyle changes that you can put into place that will have an all-round positive impact on the hormones.

Try to Control Your Weight

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If after gaining weight, your main concern is that your trousers are too tight, you need to give some serious thought about what is actually happening inside your body. Firstly, weight gain zaps testosterone levels. Try finding ways of sticking to nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, lean proteins, herbs and good fats.

By doing this, you will almost certainly avoid processed and fast foods which are typically high in fat. It’s quite simple, get rid of your excess weight, and you will be rewarded with more testosterone.

Identify the Right Nutrients for You

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If you are suffering from a testosterone deficiency, most doctors will advise that you should increase your intake of vitamin D3. Numerous studies have suggested that this vitamin is extremely effective in increasing testosterone levels. Vitamin D3 will go a long way in alleviating symptoms of muscle loss, fatigue and depression.

Remember, these symptoms become very common as you age, leading to the assumption that they are a normal part of ageing. Younger individuals are fortunate in the sense that they are able to produce their own vitamin D by spending as little as half an hour in the sun.

With age, this ability is lost, and the reliance on certain supplements becomes more important. Dieticians and medical professionals recommend that you consume at least 5000 IU of this vitamin on a daily basis.

Control Your Stress

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Bad nutrition and diet will almost guarantee to stress the body further, triggering emotional ups and downs. You may think that a lot of these problems are out of your control, and indeed they may be, but there are a number of steps you can take which can ease impact they have on your body. Popular exercises such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, as well as cardiovascular routines are great for alleviating stress.

It must be emphasized that there is no generic solution that is ideal for everybody. The key is to try and find the best stress relief solution suited to you. And this means experimenting, and mixing up the routines until you find the right formula for you. Hopefully by now you will realize that testosterone is extremely important for maintaining good health, as well as overall stamina.

The benefits of testosterone do not end there; your sexual health and emotional well-being, as well as the bones and muscles, not forgetting cholesterol, all depend on your testosterone. Healthy testosterone levels will alleviate symptoms of depression and diabetes.

And as mentioned at the beginning of this article, healthy testosterone levels will help to reduce inflammation and cut down on the sensations that you often probably associated with ageing. By implementing certain changes in your lifestyle and diet, it is possible for you to potentially raise testosterone levels for the long run.

And this will allow you to start living your life again.

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