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Do Testosterone Boosters Work? – Testosterone Booster Advice

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Unfortunately, no supplement manufacturer will tell you that their product does not work. The same applies to the manufacturers of testosterone boosters. The health market is full of questionable claims such as “this product is the best out there because it will increase your libido, as well as your testosterone levels”. This is precisely the reason I am constantly asked the same questions from my clients, “do test boosters work”?, or”are there any testosterone boosters that work”?, and so on…

Wonder20PillsWhen one takes a closer look at these supplements, it’s easy to spot a pattern because most claim to be testosterone boosters that also supercharge the libido. There are companies out there that claim to have developed “wonder pills” that perform many miraculous functions such as boosting testosterone, enhancing the libido, and some go as far as even claiming fertility enhancement and oh yes, I almost forgot, that incredible muscle gain consumers should expect.

But if you’re like most guys, you’ll be simply looking to increase your testosterone, and these extra “benefits” will be most welcome. It is these very “benefits” that actually make the product attractive.

Most testosterone booster users are probably using a product that also claims to be a libido enhancer. But did you know, a high libido does not equate to high testosterone levels? The libido can increase without actually affecting testosterone.

Fortunately for testosterone booster manufacturers, people fall into the mistaken belief that just because the libido has gone through the roof, testosterone levels must be increasing. Many testosterone boosters make you feel a bit stronger for the first few days, and this leads a person to think that testosterone levels will be higher.

In reality, most testosterone boosters are capable of increasing the hormone by 20%. 20% may sound like a big increase, but in reality it is immaterial.

Testosterone-BoostersBelieve it or not, there are some good quality testosterone boosters out there; it’s just a matter of finding the right one. In reality, testosterone boosters are not as exciting as they are made out to be. A good 95% of the leading products will increase your testosterone by up to 50%. If you compare that to a low dosage cycle of steroid, this will give you a minimum of a 300% increase.

Without undergoing a blood test, there is no accurate way of ascertaining whether a supplement is working or not. But even with a blood test, readings are not always accurate, because testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. So this basically means that it is ludicrously easy for manufacturers to promise consumers that their products will surely increase testosterone.

sucessThe success of a testosterone booster in terms of testosterone enhancement is wholly dependent on the types of ingredients used.

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“Below, we have prepared a snapshot of the most “popular” ingredients in this regard”

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d-aspartic-acid-100g_2This ingredient has been thrown into the spotlight in recent years because one particular study suggested that it can increase testosterone by 45% in as little as 12 days. This naturally generated a lot of interest in D-aspartic acid supplementation. People supplementing D-aspartic acid reported massive increases in the libido, and surprisingly, the size of the testicles.

Subsequent studies found that longer use of D-aspartic acid wasn’t all that beneficial because testosterone levels returned to where they were after a month’s supplementation. Strictly speaking, one month is nowhere near as long enough for testosterone levels to effectively influence muscle growth.

Nevertheless, D-aspartic acid supplementation was found to help increase fertility along with testosterone, especially in infertile men. The same could not be said about normal men with healthy testosterone levels.

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Tribulus-TerrestrisAs a result of clever marketing, Tribulus Terrestris is probably the top-selling testosterone boosting ingredient out there. In reality, this ingredient skyrockets a libido, and leaves testosterone untouched.

Tribulus Terrestris has been used in parts of India for generations to help men increase libido. To date, there is nothing to suggest that it has any influence on testosterone levels.

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about_macaThis is a type of vegetable that is considered to be a very potent libido enhancer. Maca is extremely popular with postmenopausal women, as well as younger females who want to avoid using contraceptives.

In order for Maca to be an effective libido enhancer, it needs to be supplemented for a prolonged period. Experts admit that more research is required to truly determine how it works to increase the libido. One thing is for certain, Maca will not increase testosterone.

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Zinc and MagnesiumAll ZMA formulas is centered around zinc and magnesium. These two ingredients are highly recommended for athletes looking to enhance their testosterone levels. Unfortunately, both these minerals are excreted from the body through perspiration, during exercise.

If you happen to suffer from a testosterone deficiency, by simply supplementing zinc and magnesium, it is possible to return your testosterone levels to the normal baseline. It must be noted that additional zinc and magnesium supplementation will not raise testosterone above the baseline.

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LongJackLongJack, or sometimes known as Tongkat Ali, is a type of Malaysian herb that has long been used as a herbal aphrodisiac. Studies have suggested that it may provide subtle testosterone increases when supplemented to infertile individuals. Unfortunately, it is completely ineffective in healthy men.

Longjack is probably not as highly sought as Maca or Tribulusit tends to be quite expensive. This is definitely an effective ingredient in terms of libido enhancement, and little else.

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FenugreekFenugreek is probably one of the best testosterone enhancing ingredients out there. It is rich in 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, which are responsible for helping to prevent testosterone converting into dihydrotestosterone. This leads to a number of benefits including a decrease in dihydrotestosterone, which drops the libido, and a healthy increase in testosterone.

Preliminary studies seem to suggest that the testosterone increase that fenugreek provides would trigger respectable gains in muscle mass.

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Mucuna_pruriensMucuna Pruriens is a type of plant extremely rich in L-dopa, which is the forerunner to dopamine. Remember that testosterone is not the only hormone that has an effect on libido. Dopamine is the other major contributor to a healthy libido. An increase in dopamine will increase the libido, and an increase in L-dopa will result in increased dopamine levels inside the brain.

Sometimes L-dopa is touted as a testosterone booster because of its contact with prolactin. Following is steroid cycle, prolactin levels are always higher than they were before because of the presence of the extra testosterone.

To sum up, this ingredient, despite the abundance of L-dopa presence, is not capable of enhancing testosterone.

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Vitamin-DOne study found that obese men who were supplemented with vitamin D experienced notable testosterone enhancement. Unfortunately this study could not be replicated, and vitamin D has found itself being used for other health benefits.

Although it is possible that vitamin B supplementation may raise testosterone levels, there is a dire need for further study to truly establish its effects on testosterone and other hormones.

One thing is for certain, that vitamin D can help to restore your testosterone levels up to your baseline, and no further.

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thinking-manAll this basically means is that there is no particular magic pill that you can pick off the shelf that will miraculously skyrocket your testosterone levels, unless you choose to use an extremely “high end product“. As you can see from this article, there are very few testosterone boosters that a truly effective in elevating testosterone levels.

There are other ways to increase your testosterone alongside using a top end testosterone booster, and these are to perform weight training, get plenty of sleep, keep your fat levels to a minimum, and always make sure that your diet is nicely varied. If you do suspect that your testosterone levels are abnormally low, it might be a good idea to go see a doctor and see what he suggests.

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What Do You Mean by a “High-End Product”?It is pretty clear that the majority of the testosterone boosters available on the market today are almost completely useless. But there are a small number of products that actually do what it says on the tin.

The high-end testosterone boosters have inevitably made it onto our top 10 rated products table. The difference between the products that have made it onto this table and that haven’t is the quality of the ingredients used. And this fact is normally reflected in the price of a product. For example, you can buy a so-called testosterone booster for as little as $10. And that product may claim to perform the same function as a testosterone booster that may cost $80 a month. But usually, this is never the case. The bottom line is…you get what you pay for.

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