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Dianabol by Hi-Tech Pharma is a “natural testosterone support that helps to increase lean mass and strength”.  As this description suggests, Dianabol is designed for individuals that are experiencing a testosterone deficiency which hits the vast majority of men past a certain age. This deficiency brings with it a number of changes that ultimately have adverse effects ranging from the mood, all the way up to the maintenance of muscle mass, as well as the libido.

How Does Dianabol Work?

Dianabol is made from a “powerful” combination of herbal extracts that assist in triggering your body to build more effective muscle, whilst at the same time helping to suppress fat.  As stated earlier, Dianabol is a product of HiTech Pharma whose other prominent products include Metanabol, Anavar, Somatophen and Estrogenex.  Dianabol works to retain the required muscle protein within the muscles, which helps to hold the body in an anabolic condition which is important for the protein synthesis process to be effective.  Dianabol will also act to hinder the “block signals” this will also assist in achieving ultimate muscle growth.

And thus, one of the main functions is to build incredible muscle which requires the need for an energy boost, which is vital to perform effective and strenuous workouts in the gym.  Users have commended the added energy that is offered by Dianabol.  Furthermore, the increase in testosterone goes a long way in helping men that may be suffering from a low libido, because the increased testosterone will instantly “crank up” the psychological and physical elements that are associated with sexual desire.  Dianabol can be used on a daily basis, before, as well as after your workout.

It is easy to confuse this product with the anabolic steroid with the same name, which is often referred to as the “King of steroids”.  Fortunately, “the King” has returned in a legal and safe form and has quickly been trademarked due to its incredible ability to increase muscle strength and muscle mass via its anti-proteolytic means.  Thankfully this product is no longer considered to be a drug.  Dianabol, with its powerful combination of ingredients offers a “multi-faceted” approach to losing fat and building muscle simultaneously.

Serving Information

Each serving is equivalent to one tablet and there are 90 tablets in a bottle.

dianabol1 Dianabol

Notable Ingredients

The main ingredients that are worth mentioning include dextrose, cellulose, microcrystalline, sodium starch glycolate, explotab, magnesium stearate, stearic acid and silica.  It must be noted that there is a whole array of other ingredients that are included in this product, and if we listed all of them individually, it will take between three and four pages alone!  After looking at each ingredient on an individual basis, it is fair to suggest that they are all safe for human consumption. One main concern that exists is the sheer number of ingredients contained within this product.

Notable Side-Effects            

Not surprisingly, Dianabol does cause a number of side-effects due to the vast amount of ingredients that are packed into each tablet.  Typical side-effects include nausea, outbreaks of diarrhea, mild headaches that may last for a number of days, and also the outbreak of acne, which in some cases has been quite severe.

How To Use Dianabol

For best results I recommend that you take one tablet three times a day with your meals. This is imperative because the sheer strength of this product may lead to nausea if taken on an empty stomach.

How Much is Dianabol

You can pick up a bottle of Dianabol for around $30.  It is always wise to shop around, because there are always deals that you can take advantage of.

Our Take

Theoretically, Dianabol is a fantastic product on paper, because it uses its familiarity with the infamous steroid known as the “King of steroids”.  Although the original steroid may be incredibly effective in providing extra strength and muscle development, Dianabol on the other hand, is nowhere near as effective as the original.

In terms of muscle growth and strength development, I am not going to undermine its ability to perform its function, but when it is lined up against some of the other leading brands; it seems to be a pretty weak contender.

And finally, in terms of its libido enhancement capabilities, Dianabol has shown to be very strong in this department, because users have remarked on its speedy effectiveness.

All in all, this is a “mediocre” testosterone booster, period.

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