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COR-Performance ZMA

COR-Performance ZMA provides the “clinical dose of ZMA to support free testosterone levels”. This product is designed to support “muscle strength and recovery and promotes deeper sleep”. COR-Performance ZMA has been developed by Cellucor. The primary goal of this product is to build muscle, and the main ingredient, as the name suggests, is ZMA.

COR-Performance ZMA

Serving Information

Each serving size is the equivalent of four capsules, and there are 100 capsules in every container of COR-Performance ZMA.

Relevant Ingredients

The main ingredients in COR-Performance ZMA include the famous “ZMA” blend. This blend is created from three stock ingredients. The first ingredient is vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is extremely important for overall health because it is responsible for helping the body to store and use energy it receives from proteins and carbohydrates, through food consumption. Vitamin B6 is also responsible for creating hemoglobin, which works to transport oxygen around the body.

Unfortunately, all of the existing studies looking at this vitamin’s effects on testosterone have failed to identify any notable enhancements. However, tests carried out on men with healthy testosterone levels seem to suggest that vitamin B6 may be effective in maintaining existing testosterone levels, as opposed to increasing them.

The next ingredient on the list is magnesium. Just like vitamin B6, magnesium is also essential for overall health because it works to convert food into energy. This essential mineral is also responsible for making sure that the parathyroid glands remain in good working order.

The similarities with vitamin B6, in terms of testosterone enhancement, do not end there. Magnesium is also known to be an effective testosterone maintainer, as opposed to an enhancer. Next up is zinc. Zinc is also an essential mineral for human survival. Unlike the previously two mentioned ingredients, zinc has repeatedly demonstrated its testosterone enhancing potential.

Many studies have concluded that men with healthy zinc intakes usually tended to enjoy healthy testosterone levels. Meanwhile, men with zinc deficiencies often displayed signs of low testosterone. COR-Performance ZMA also features Tribulus terrestris.

Without sounding like a broken record, this ingredient is not a proven testosterone enhancer. This has been demonstrated in numerous studies. Despite this fact, manufacturers seem to persist on using this ingredient by portraying it as a potent a testosterone enhancer.

Tribulus terrestris is no more than a libido enhancer. And finally we have melatonin. This ingredient is often used to treat people with difficulties in sleeping. It is often had a minister to people over the age of 55 who suffer from insomnia. Melatonin is essential for controlling the body clock, and is a naturally occurring hormone within the body.

To put things into perspective, adequate sleep is essential for maintaining testosterone. Therefore, although melatonin itself may not be a testosterone enhancer as such, but its ability to promote healthy sleep will no doubt have positive effects on testosterone.


Through our research, we have been unable to uncover any major side-effects that people may have suffered from after using COR-Performance ZMA

How to Use COR-Performance ZMA

The manufacturer recommends that you take one serving (four capsules) on a daily basis, preferably before bedtime.

How Much is COR-Performance ZMA?


Our Take

To say that COR-Performance ZMA is better than your average ZMA formula because it also contains Tribulus terrestris would be misleading.

This ingredient is pretty in terms of testosterone enhancement, and this has been demonstrated repeatedly in studies. However, the presence of melatonin is quite interesting. As stated earlier, melatonin is often administered to people who find it difficult falling asleep, particularly insomniacs.

And as we know, adequate sleep is extremely important for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Therefore, this ingredient should in theory, work in synergy with the remaining testosterone enhancing ingredients, if there are any. Unfortunately, vitamin B6, and magnesium are not testosterone enhancers, they are better described as testosterone maintainers.

However, zinc is a proven, potent testosterone enhancing ingredient. But in our opinion, zinc on its own may not be sufficient for optimum testosterone enhancement without the presence of other powerful elements such as fenugreek and D aspartic acid.

If you were to choose this product as your testosterone booster, you should expect better results than most other ZMA, because of the presence of melatonin.
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