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Anabolic Freak is described as a “hybrid anabolic hormone/testosterone support”. It is primarily a D-aspartic-based formula and its primary goal is to build muscle.

Anabolic Freak has been developed by the world renowned supplements manufacturer PharmaFreak.

anabolic freak

Serving Information

Each serving size is the equivalent to 2 capsules, and there are 96 “hybrid” capsules in every container of Anabolic Freak.

Relevant Ingredients

Vitamin D3 is the first ingredient on the label of Anabolic Freak. Vitamin D3 helps with nutrient absorption. It basically means that it is put there for the sole purpose of helping to absorb any accompanying nutrients a person may be receiving.

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin for human health because it helps to store, and when required, use energy that the body receives via food. Vitamin B6 is also important for the creation of hemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen around the body.

Folic acid is next on the list. Folic acid is also known as vitamin B9 and is essential for the development of a healthy fetus during pregnancy. Its inclusion in this product is ambiguous to say the least.

Vitamin B12 is a type of an essential mineral, and its correlation to testosterone enhancement is unclear.

D-aspartic acid makes perfect sense to be included in a testosterone booster. This is basically a type of amino acid which has repeatedly been tried and tested in many studies, and has nearly always succeeded in demonstrating its testosterone enhancing capabilities.

Rhodiola rosea is a traditional Chinese medicine that is often touted as helping to promote physical and cognitive vitality. Preliminary tests seem to suggest that it helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, especially in prolonged stressful situations. Rhodiola helps to promote longevity and seems to be a neuroprotective agent. Despite spending a considerable amount of time trying to identify its correlation to testosterone, we have been unable to uncover any studies looking at this possibility.

And finally we have a resveratrol which is member of a group of plants known as polyphenols. These plants are known to be antioxidant, and current studies may be looking at the possibility of them possessing anti-cancer and anti-heart disease properties. Unfortunately, there is nothing to suggest that it has any correlation to testosterone, or even anything even remotely to do with this particular hormone.


We have been unable to find any notable side-effects that people may have experienced after using Anabolic Freak.

How to Anabolic Freak

The manufacturer recommends that you take two capsules in the morning and two capsules mid-afternoon, or just before exercising. You are advised to use Anabolic Freak for a period of 12 consecutive days, followed by a three day off period.

How Much is Anabolic Freak?


Anabolic Freak Rating


Our Take

Anabolic Freak is certainly better than a lot of the competitors on the market. And this is despite it containing a number of irrelevant ingredients such as folic acid, rhodiola, and resveratrol. None of them mentioned are backed by any authentic evidence to suggest that they possess any elements that may positively influence testosterone levels.

Nevertheless, D-aspartic acid in its own right is one of the most powerful and important testosterone enhancing ingredients that exists. This ingredient is accompanied by vitamin B-6, and vitamin B12, which are both known to maintain testosterone levels. Therefore if you are looking for respectable testosterone enhancement, and you can afford the price tag of $54.99, you may be pleasantly surprised at what Anabolic Freak can do for you.

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