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AlphaTest – Testosterone Booster Advice

Testosterone Booster Advice


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AlphaTest is described by the manufacturer as a “super concentrated performance and testosterone booster”.

This product has been designed to provide a whole range of benefits for overall male health.

AlphaTest has been developed by the world renowned bodybuilding supplements manufacturer known as MuscleTech

Manufacturer’s Claims

AlphaTest has been created from “multiple powerful ingredients at the full amounts” as recommended by human clinical studies, to provide effective and unparalleled increases in testosterone.

AlphaTest will help to elevate “free” testosterone.

AlphaTest contains boron, which according to a recent scientific study carried out on eight healthy male volunteers, managed to significantly increase “free” testosterone levels, whilst simultaneously helping to decrease are estradiol levels within seven days.

AlphaTest will also help to increase “overall” testosterone levels.

The unique, and patented combination of ingredients such as saw palmetto, as well as astaxanthin are clinically proven to increase testosterone to “near maximum levels” in only 14 days.

AlphaTest, according to the manufacturer, is the first and only “performance and testosterone booster” that contains an effective dose of a combination of Rhodiola Crenulata and Gingko Biloba, to allow for testosterone to remain at its peak levels, as well as maintaining the testosterone to estrogen ratio after a hard training session.

These ingredients have also demonstrated their ability to enhance performances by allowing enhanced transportation of oxygen throughout the body whilst exercising.

The manufacturer states that “no other testosterone booster delivers this kind of powerful performance”.

(Relevent) Ingredients

Zinc – Provides effective testosterone enhancement, Click Here to see more

Boron Citrate Results not very reliable, Click Here to see more

Saw Palmetto – Ineffective in increasing testosterone, Click Here to see more

Rhodiola Extract – Ineffective in increasing testosterone, Click Here to see more

Gingko Extract – Ineffective in increasing testosterone, Click Here to see more



No major side effects reported.

How to Use AlphaTest

The manufacturer recommends that you take two capsules of AlphaTest with a glass of water twice a day. Under no circumstances should you exceed four capsules in Italy four hour period.

How Much Is AlphaTest?


Our Take

AlphaTest contains one ingredient, zinc, which is clinically proven to increase testosterone enhancement.

The second ingredient that may possibly influence testosterone levels is boron.

Unfortunately, boron has delivered a mixed bag of results from numerous clinical trials.

Therefore, this would suggest a certain level of uncertainty surrounding this ingredient’s testosterone enhancing capabilities.

The remainder of the ingredients such as Saw palmetto, Rhodiola extract, and Gingko extract do not in any way influence testosterone levels, as demonstrated in a number of clinical trials.

Unfortunately for MuscleTech, they have got it wrong with the ingredients in this product, and users should expect very modest testosterone enhancement.

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