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Agmatine: the Ultimate Convenience?

AgmatineAgmatine is based on L- arginine. It is discharged during neuronal activation and is located inside the neurons.

Preliminary research indicates agmatine has possible use in treating drug addiction and neuropathic pain. In addition, it shields the mind from strokes and toxins.

For individuals experiencing pain, it works just like painkillers resembling morphine and fentanyl. The synergy of agmatine enables it to assist individuals to avoid developing on dependency pain killers.

Agmatine can inhibit specific serotonin receptors and calcium channels too. Additional research is necessary to ascertain the entire extent of the mechanisms of agmatine.

There’s plenty of animal evidence to indicate agmatine is a research compound that is highly promising. It’s not a nutritional supplement that is common since there’s too little human evidence looking at its effects. Several studies have been carried out on individuals looking at agmatine shots, and not oral ingestion. Therefore looking at this ingredient in terms of its capability in a testosterone booster, which is likely to be orally ingested, there is a clear deficiency of study in this area.

As a result of a clear lack of information on this ingredient, it would be extremely difficult to try and determine exactly what role it would play in a testosterone boosting supplement. We have scoured the Internet looking at studies, and we have been unable to find any correlation between agmatine and testosterone.

Despite a number of leading testosterone boosters using this ingredient, there is nothing to suggest that it will provide any positive effects on any hormones, both in males and females.

As existing studies suggest, agmatine will provide pain relief and not much else. And this is quite weird because a testosterone booster is designed to enhance testosterone, and if you require pain relief, you are likely to reach for the pain relief pills in your medicine draw.

To conclude, if you are choosing a testosterone booster because it contains this ingredient, you are pretty much wasting your time. It will be wise to look at alternatives, such as clinically proven ingredients that are sure to crank up your testosterone levels effectively.

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