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A-HD September 26, 2014 By Leave a Comment

A-HD is described as a “anti-aromatase inhibitor and testosterone booster”. This product has been developed by BPI Sports. BPI Sports claim A-HD is a novel compound testosterone boosting agent. This product is a nonprescription anti-aromatase inhibitor that works by blocking the aromatase enzyme before it is converted into estrogen. Estrogen is the primary female hormone that competes with testosterone in the male body. Once estrogen triumphs testosterone, the male hormone is then suppressed and its deficiency can lead to a whole host of problems for overall male health, including fat gain, and muscle loss. Less estrogen means a “hard, lean physique” leading to a more dry looking body. Water retention is eliminated, avoiding bloatedness, leading to a “rock hard shredded muscle”.

Serving Information

Each serving size is the equivalent to 1 capsule, and there are 28 capsules in every container of A-HD.

Relevant Ingredients

The main relevant ingredients that have even the remotest correlation to testosterone enhancement are focused around  3,4-dimethoxypheny which is a chemical compound of phenethylamine, which is a type of organic compound. In reality, this product is better described as a human growth hormone, which should be avoided at all costs.


People have experienced hair loss, croaky throats, migraines, muscle spasms, withdrawal symptoms, an initial surge in energy, leading to a major energy zap, profuse sweating, and difficulties in sleeping at night.

How to Use A-HD

Users are advised to take just one capsule on a daily basis. Under no circumstances should you exceed this limit.

How Much is A-HD?

$31.95 (28 capsules)

Our Take

We’re going to keep this section relatively short. In many people’s opinions, there is a fine line between testosterone boosters, anabolic steroids, and hGH. The reality is anabolic steroids and hGHs are extremely dangerous to use, and nearly always lead to long-term/permanent side-effectsAs stated earlier, this product is closer to a hGH than a testosterone booster, and we strongly advise against using such products.

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