6 Alternative Methods of Increasing Your Testosterone

Popping pills should never be the sole solution to your testosterone troubles. It is going to be a source of moving things in the right direction however in order to reap the biggest benefits, it should be coupled with other lifestyle adjustments.

There are numerous ways to naturally boost your Testosterone. Let’s take a look….

1. Exercise

The endorphin release from exercise is one of the simplest ways to make you feel good about yourself. Exercise strengthens your muscles and your bones, it increases your energy levels and it’s a guaranteed way to increase your testosterone.

Resistance training and high intensity interval training are considered the most effective types of exercise however to some extent, any form of exercise should give you a boost to your T.

2. Reducing Stress

Exercising your demons will certainly give you a heightened T count. It’s not only the body that you need to train but also your mind. High levels of stress cause the body to create more of the hormone cortisol, which directly translates into a reduction of testosterone. Cortisol and testosterone both require cholesterol in order to be synthesised. In times of stress, the body is producing more cortisol, binding it with cholesterol and therefore eliminating what is available for testosterone. To compensate, the body will also naturally suppress the release of testosterone.

Relax, yoga, meditate, have fun, laugh and of course see above to drop that stress and raise that T.

3. Balance Your Diet

Ensuring your body is consuming enough food without overeating is an important lifestyle choice. Avoiding obesity and maintaining a healthy weight is critical for healthy T levels. Balancing your macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fats – plays a key role in this. Cholesterol, the building block for steroidal hormones such as T, is located within fats and so your diet should definitely consist of healthy fats to maintain solid T levels.

Olives and olive oils, nuts, avocado, red meat, butter, coconut oil and dairy products are all excellent examples of foods containing healthy fats.

4. Sleep

Integral to optimising the body’s function, a good night’s sleep is a powerful life enhancer. Diet, exercise and sleep form a holy trinity of a solution to most of life’s problems, including low testosterone. Anywhere between 7-10 hours of sleep is valued as being properly recuperative. It has been proven that 5 hours or less sleep per night is responsible for a decline in T levels and can cause a borderline deficiency.




5. Sunlight

A primary source of vitamin D for the body, sunlight is a sound way of improving the body’s absorption of vitamin D. This has been strongly correlated with an augmentation of testosterone levels, especially where vitamin D deficiency is evident.


Score yourself a little sun and it will help your T levels maintain a healthy ratio.

6. Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is the primary social drug of choice for large swathes of the population. It goes without saying the detrimental health affects that excessive alcohol consumption has on the body. This extends to the volume of testosterone whilst consuming alcohol. A number of studies have linked alcohol intake to a reduction in T, so it also goes without saying that if you’re drinking a lot, you probably aren’t helping your T levels out.