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1-4 Andro MaXX March 9, 2014 By Leave a Comment

1-4 Andro MaXX is described as “the perfect combination to produce lean and hard muscle, as well as strength gains from day one”. 1-4 Andro MaXX has been developed by the up-and-coming bodybuilding supplements developer known as NRG-X Labs. 1-4 Andro MaXX helps to prevent water retention and promotes lean muscle gains, allowing for increased and “deeper cuts”. Furthermore, testosterone levels will be dramatically increased to allow for better lean mass gains, as well as strength increases and effective libido enhancement, allowing for a better sex life and increased stamina. 1-4 Andro MaXX is perfectly suited for experienced bodybuilders and is considered to be a vital tool by many professionals in helping them achieve a lean and defined physique, which is the ultimate target before performing in competitions.

1-4 Andro MaXX is apparently an extremely potent fat burner, concentrating on fatty deposits around the core area where it is always the hardest to shift. The manufacturer claims that’s users will feel and see the difference from day one, due to the unique blend of ingredients that are designed to hit the blood stream without having to wait for two or three weeks of “loading”.

Serving Information

Each serving size is equivalent to two capsules, and there are 30 capsules inside each container of 1-4 Andro MaXX.

(Relevent) Ingredients

1-Androsterone and 4-Androsterone, 3 – Ineffective in increasing testosterone, Click Here to see more


No reported side effects.

How Much Is 1-4 Andro MaXX?


Our Take

This product contains 1-Androsterone and 4-Androsterone, both of which are derived from DHEA. There is no evidence to suggest that DHEA is capable of enhancing testosterone levels in healthy males. All of the existing tests surrounding this ingredient’s influence on testosterone have involved pregnant, or menopausal women. Therefore, on this basis, we have not seen anything about this product that would suggest it will provide effective testosterone enhancement.

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