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Can Coconut Oil Help To Increase Testosterone Levels?

Most bodybuilders are obsessed with building muscle mass.  They want big, ripped, rock hard muscles and they want them now.  And they all know that one of the biggest factors in building muscle mass is testosterone.

Most steroids are simply derivatives of testosterone, or they are designed to mimic testosterone in the body.  The end result is more muscle and less body fat.  Testosterone is why today’s bodybuilders are so big and ripped.

Coconut oil has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years.  Its ability to increase testosterone is one of the many reasons for this.  If you’re into bodybuilding, you know that eating more fats increases your testosterone.  This is simply human physiology.

Now, this doesn’t mean just eating tons of fat is going to get you jacked up like you just ingested all the steroids in the world.  But by eating quality fats, like those found in coconut oil, you will set your body up to boost your testosterone levels.

And higher testosterone levels mean more muscle mass and less body fat.  Simply put, if you want to get big, strong, and ripped, you need to increase your testosterone levels.

One study, done with rats at the Instituto de InvestigacionesBioquimicas de La Plato showed an increase in testosterone levels when fed coconut oil for 60 days.

Roughly 62% of the fat found in coconut oil is made up of medium-chain triglycerides.  These medium-chain triglycerides have been shown to offer a variety of health benefits, such as an increase in fat oxidation (fat burning).  Interestingly, because of the unique makeup of these medium-chain triglycerides, they are unlikely to be stored as body fat.  That’s a great side-benefit for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

In fact, a study done back in 2003 that was published in Obesity Research, with 24 overweight men, compared fat loss results from two groups.  One group consumed a diet rich in medium-chain triglycerides, and a second group consumed a diet rich in low chain triglycerides.  This was done for 28 days.  At the end of the 28 days, the men taking the medium-chain triglycerides lost more body fat.

Some other benefits of coconut oil include an increase in energy, as well as boosting the metabolism so that you burn more calories every day.  It’s also possible that it reduces hunger, and when this is combined with a metabolism boost, it can be great for burning fat.  And let’s face it, when you build more muscle because of increased testosterone levels, you want to shed the fat and show those muscles off, right?  Of course!

Coconut oil is also very rich in a number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  While this may not seem as sexy as increasing testosterone levels to build muscle, it all goes together.  The healthier you are, overall, the more your body is getting the nutrients it needs, the better environment for boosting hormone levels like testosterone.  The end result is that you feel better and look better, too, with more muscle and less body fat.

But what about that increase in testosterone? Well, over 90% of the fats in coconut oil are unsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fats.  These fats are vital when it comes to maintaining and increasing testosterone levels.  Low-fat diets have shown to suppress testosterone levels.  Adding coconut oil to your diet can help counteract this problem when reducing calories to lose fat.

While saturated fats have been seen as evil in the past, it’s saturated fats, like those in abundance in coconut oil, that are crucial for boosting testosterone.  Some studies have shown that adding coconut oil with boron, vitamin D, and calcium will also help increase testosterone levels.

So how should you take your daily dose of coconut oil?

For starters, coconut oil can be used as a cooking oil.  You can also combine it with olive oil when cooking.

Another great way to consume it is to add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your protein shake or smoothie.

You can also put some coconut oil on your oatmeal.  Why oatmeal?  Believe it or not, oatmeal is another food that has been shown to increase testosterone levels.

Coconut oil is definitely a superfood that can also increase testosterone levels.  Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your daily nutrition plan today

enduro force testosterone booster

An Analysis Of Enduro Force Testosterone Booster

Today, being heavily built has become a fad for most men. Though different people have different tastes and preferences, it has been proven that women are more attracted to heavily muscled men. Getting the right build can be problematic if you have low testosterone levels in the body. This is because testosterone is important in providing energy and stamina as well as facilitating muscle growth.

Enduro Force is a supplement that has been designed to increase the energy and stamina levels in the body. With this supplement in your system, you can increase your performance when bodybuilding in the gym. Did I mention that it can also help enhance the performance and stamina in the bedroom?

Top Reasons To Use Enduro Forcemuscle building

  1. It Helps Increase Muscle Mass

This advanced supplement is designed with ingredients that promote quicker metabolism and hence quicker increase in the body mass. Individuals who are interested in bodybuilding exercises can increase the size of their muscles exponentially within a short time by consuming this supplement.

  1. It Raises the Testosterone Levels in The Body

One of the reasons for a dismal performance in bed is the lack of libido. Low libido is caused by low testosterone levels in the body. This supplement is designed to raise the levels of testosterone in the body hence improving the libido by extension. If you are looking to spice matters up in the bedroom, this product can be a big help.

  1. It Shortens the Recovery Period for Injuries

Muscles and tissue tend to get injured during bodybuilding exercises. If they do not heal fast, the injuries can lead to quick fatigue and lowered performance. This supplement is formulated with ingredients that promote quicker healing in the body for minor tissue and body injuries.

  1. It Can Help Improve Endurance and Performance During Workouts

This product is designed to improve stamina levels and increase the production of hormones and energy in the body. With the right levels of energy and hormones, you can get yourself taking part in more intense workouts and exercises, whether indoors or outdoors.

  1. It Is Safe and Organic

This product is created with natural ingredients that are safe for the body. During the manufacturing process for this supplement, only original products are used.

  1. It Doesn’t Have Negative Side Effects

Unlike other testosterone boosting products that can be found in the market, this product has been tested, and it has not been found to have any negative side effects on users. However, if you are already using other medications, you should consult your physician prior to starting the use of this supplement.

How Does This Product Work?

On ingesting this supplement, it usually absorbs into the bloodstream accelerating the release of Nitric Oxide. This release usually triggers the muscles updating and triggering their capabilities. If taken in the correct dosage, this drug can enhance stamina allowing the user to exercise harder and longer without tiring quickly.

What Is The Appropriate Dosage?

Each bottle of Enduro Force normally has 30 pills which are typically meant to be used for a period of 90 days. When taking this supplement, you should consult your physician or physical exercises instructor in order to identify the ideal dosage depending on your weight and goals.

Where Can This Product Be Purchased?

You cannot find this drug in pharmacies or prescription stores. This product can only be acquired online through the online website of the manufacturer. All that you need to do is visit their web page and fill a request for an order depending on your goals. You can then submit the order and wait for the manufacturer to get back to you.

However, keep in mind that the manufacturer produces this drug in limited batches. You should, therefore, first visit the web page of the manufacturer to find out if it is currently in stock before attempting a purchase.


6 Natural Testosterone Booster Methods

Testosterone is an important hormone that, in addition to affecting sex drive, is also responsible for healthy bone and muscle health, hair growth and sperm production.

Popping pills should never be the sole solution to your testosterone troubles. It is going to be a source of moving things in the right direction however in order to reap the biggest benefits, it should be coupled with other lifestyle adjustments.

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There are numerous< natural alternatives to consider including exercise, reducing stress, eating healthy getting enough sleep and sunlight and moderating your alcohol consumption. Let’s take a look….


The endorphin release from exercise is one of the simplest ways to make you feel good about yourself. Exercise strengthens your muscles and your bones, it increases your energy levels and it’s a guaranteed way to increase your testosterone.

Resistance training and high intensity interval training are considered the most effective types of exercise however to some extent, any form of exercise should give you a boost to your T.


(1) In this study, differences in hormone values were found between men who were physically active and those who were sedentary. Testosterone levels were found to be higher in men that engaged in exercise. – This study found that increasing volumes of exercise had more benefit to increasing testosterone levels than restricting calorie intake. – This experiment found that resistance training improved serum testosterone levels in men who were previously not undergoing any training.

Summary: How to Get a Boost

Exercise is linked to higher levels of T. Find a way to incorporate exercise into your routine that is sustainable and realistic, then stick to it!

Reducing Stress, Boosting Testosterone

Exercising your demons will certainly give you a heightened T count. It’s not only the body that you need to train but also your mind. High levels of stress cause the body to create more of the hormone cortisol, which directly translates into a reduction of testosterone. Cortisol and testosterone both require cholesterol in order to be synthesised. In times of stress, the body is producing more cortisol, binding it with cholesterol and therefore eliminating what is available for testosterone. To compensate, the body will also naturally suppress the release of testosterone.

High cortisol levels have a double impact on testosterone levels firstly through their inverse relationship (as cortisol goes up, T goes down), and because heightened levels of cortisol for long periods of time can lead to increased food intake, weight gain, and fat storage around your organs which can also negatively affect T levels.

The best solution is to relax, yoga, meditate, have fun, get enough good quality sleep, laugh and of course see above to drop that stress and boost testosterone. Find activities that help you relax that can be incorporated into your daily routine such a 5 minute mindfulness or meditation breaks during your work day, going for a walk at the end of the day, or scheduling sessions to spend time with friends catching up, rather than focusing on areas that are causing you stress.


Studies – Acute suppression of circulating testosterone levels by cortisol in men – In this study, testosterone levels were found to be directly impacted upon by the volume of cortisol in the body. As cortisol increased, testosterone levels were suppressed. – Chronic burnout, somatic arousal and elevated salivary cortisol levels – This study of blue collar workers found that ineffectively coping with enduring stress is responsible for symptoms of burnout, i.e. physical fatigue, emotional exhaustion and cognitive weariness. Subjects showing signs of burnout had higher cortisol counts than those that didn’t. – Relationships between testosterone, cortisol and performance in professional cyclists – This study of the performance outcomes of cyclists further details the relationship between testosterone and cortisol. Testosterone decreasing in the body is directly linked to higher levels of cortisol.


Stress leads to increased cortisol levels which suppresses testosterone.

Balance Your Diet

Ensuring your body is consuming enough food without overeating is an important lifestyle choice. Avoiding obesity and maintaining a healthy weight is critical for healthy testosterone levels. Balancing your macro-nutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fats – plays a key role in this. Cholesterol, the building block for steroidal hormones such as T, is located within fats and so your diet should definitely consist of healthy fats to maintain solid T levels. Olives and olive oils, nuts, avocado, red meat, butter, coconut oil and dairy products are all excellent examples of foods containing healthy fats.

There are 6 foods that should form an integral part of your diet for optimum T levels.

salmonT Boosting Tuna

Tuna is high in Vitamin D which studies have linked to testosterone production and longer life. It’s also low in calories while being protein-rich. Other oily fish such as salmon and sardines can be substituted if needed.




Eggs Yolks

Egg yolks (they contain more nutrients than egg whites) are another great source of Vitamin D. A good guideline would be to eat one egg per day, but they should be avoided if you have a preexisting cholesterol issue.



milkLow Fat Milk for a Natural Boost

Milk is a perfect source of protein and calcium and is great for bone strength. Choose low fat milk that has been fortified with Vitamin D for the optimum effect on T levels.




Fortified Cereals for a Boost

Choose a cereal brand that is fortified with Vitamin D to start the day with a boost to your testosterone.

Oysters Give a Natural Boost

Oysters are a great source of Zinc which is an important mineral that keeps male hormones in check (particularly during puberty) and will help with low testosterone levels if you are zinc deficient.

Boost Testosterone with Shellfish

Shellfish such as crab and lobster have high levels of zinc to help T levels.

Studies – The effect of nutritional factors on sex hormone levels in male twins – This study of sets of male twins compared their diets to determine differences in hormone production and levels. Weight, obesity and intake of fat were significantly correlated with plasma testosterone. Calorie intake is certain to impact upon T levels. – Differences between men and women as regards the effects of protein-energy malnutrition on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis -In this study, it was found that protein-energy malnutrition is responsible for lower testosterone levels. Ensuring adequate reserves of functional energy (protein) and reserve energy (fat) would positively correlate with testosterone levels. – Testosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance exercise – Testosterone and cortisol levels in men were tested in this study both before and after exercise with a dietary analysis also undertaken. As well as showing high intensity exercises could elevate post exercise concentrations of testosterone, it also found that dietary intake could impact upon levels of testosterone in the body when at rest. – Dietary lipids: an additional regulator of plasma levels of sex hormone binding globulin –  This study detected that higher fat intakes produced more plasma levels of cholesterol and lessened sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). It also found that increases in SHBG, as a result of a lower fat diet, decreased concentrations of free testosterone.

3 Other Important Areas to Look At

Sleep Nautral Boost

Give Your Sleep a Natural Boost

Integral to optimizing the body’s function, a good night’s sleep is a powerful life enhancer. Diet, exercise and sleep form a holy trinity of a solution to most of life’s problems, including low testosterone. Anywhere between 7-10 hours of sleep is valued as being properly recuperative. It has been proven that 5 hours or less sleep per night is responsible for a decline in T levels and can cause a borderline deficiency.

Getting into a good sleep routine can be difficult, but there are a couple of steps that you can follow to ensure that you regularly get the right amount of sleep thereby keeping your T levels up.


sleep routine

Stick to a Schedule

Set a bedtime that you can stick to, one that will allow you to get a full 8 hours before you need to wake up again.

Have a Good Morning Routine

Using a smart alarm app on your phone, you can control how you wake up from sleep as the app uses your phone’s accelerometer to time an optimal wake-up. An alarm clock may wake you when you are in a deep sleep which will have an impact on your energy levels.

Control Light Sources

Restrict blue light when you are preparing to go to bed as this is the light that your brain associates with day time. When you’re getting into bed block all sources of light, and make your room as dark as possible.

Control Your Temperature

Optimal sleep happens when your room is relatively cool as a reduction in temperature is a cue to our bodies that it is time to sleep. As an added bonus, colder temperatures burn extra fat which helps your body produce extra T.


Studies – Restricting the sleep for 1 week of young, healthy males in this study found that daily testosterone levels can decline by up to 15%. – This study helped determine that morning testosterone levels are directly related to volume of sleep in older men. Coupled with the above study, this shows that whether you are young or old, the amount of sleep you have affects your testosterone. – This study also indicated that sleep duration impacts testosterone and bioavailable testosterone. The more you have of the former, the more you have of the latter.


A primary source of vitamin D for the body, sunlight is a sound way of improving the body’s absorption of vitamin D. This has been strongly correlated with an augmentation of testosterone levels, especially where vitamin D deficiency is evident.

There are easy ways to boost your vitamin D levels that can be incorporated into your daily routine that will also have a knock-on positive impact on other areas of your life. By taking a walk outside at lunchtime rather than sitting at your desk to eat you lunch you will boost your T levels through increased vitamin D intake, some exercise as well as reducing your stress levels. Score yourself a little sun and it will help your T levels maintain a healthy ratio.

Studies – This study, conducted over the course of 1 year, showed that vitamin D deficient males who were given a vitamin D supplement were also found to have increased levels of total, free and bioavailable testosterone.


Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is the primary social drug of choice for large swathes of the population. It goes without saying that excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental to the health of the body (and mind). This extends to the volume of testosterone whilst consuming alcohol. A number of studies have linked alcohol intake to a reduction in T, so it also goes without saying that if you’re drinking a lot, you probably aren’t helping your T levels out.

Tget exercisehis is the area that most people struggle to control, especially as alcohol consumption tends to rise as stress increases (both of which are detrimental to T levels). The best solution is to find alternative ways to meet up with friends such as a round of golf, or a game of basketball rather than meeting for a couple of drinks after work. This way you can naturally boost T levels through exercise, as well as avoiding the reduction that would happen due to alcohol consumption.


Studies – This study showed that plasma testosterone levels became depressed as blood alcohol levels were raised. – In this study, the affects of acute alcohol intoxication were found to have opposite outcomes for men and women. Plasma testosterone was found to be reduced in men but higher in women. A few drinks might briefly help your T, but not if you’re male…  – Increased adrenal secretion of cortisol is likely to negatively impact the level of testosterone in intoxicated men were the findings of this study.



The 6 Key Areas to Focus On

Following these methods to naturally boost your body’s testosterone production might require some careful and honest analysis of your lifestyle. Making the necessary adjustments will not only give you a boost to your T< but they will have wider ranging benefits that will have you feeling fitter and healthier in no time.


There are 6 key areas to focus on that will have the most impact on your T levels. These include exercise, typically Resistance training and high intensity interval training have the best results. Then, reducing stress through meditation and taking time to have fun, and eating a balanced diet that is high in protein also help with improving T levels. Sleep, between 7 and 9 hours of good quality shut eye, and sunlight also have a positive impact. Lastly, moderating alcohol levels is an important contributor for optimal T production.


Testosterone Ranges – What is the Norm?

There are any number of reasons why you might want to boost your Testosterone. Improving your stamina in the gym or on the sporting field, promote a healthier immune system, or putting some bounce back into your bedroom are all positive outcomes to healthy testosterone levels. In fact, there are wide range of physical and mental issues affecting men that can be improved with an increase of testosterone. Low testosterone has been linked to depression, issues with memory, concentration, motivation and confidence, increases to body fat, decreased muscle mass, bone fragility and increase in fatigue. We recommend you seeing your doctor and getting a blood test if you recognise any of these symptoms creeping into your life. It could be because you suffer from low T levels.

So What are Healthy Levels?

Testosterone is measured in nanograms per decilitre (ng/dl). The consensus between multiple research centres is that a range of approximately 280-1050 ng/dl is considered to be a normal range. (1) (2) (3)

Testosterone declines in men over time and on average from the age of 30, levels can be expected to drop by approximately 1% per year.

This table outlines normal ranges for males over time :

Age:                                  T Level (ng/dL):
0-5 mo.                                 75-400
6 mos.-9 yrs.                        < 7-20
10-11 yrs.                             < 7-130
12-13 yrs.                             < 7-800
14 yrs.                                  < 7-1,200
15-16 yrs.                             100-1,200
17-18 yrs.                             300-1,200
19+ yrs.                                240-950
Avg. adult male                    270-1,070
30+ yrs.                                -1% per year


Determining abnormalities in T levels are often sufficiently conducted by tests for your total T. However, some irregularities may still exist despite ‘normal’ levels in which case free testosterone and bioavailable testosterone levels can also be assessed. Total testosterone is essentially comprised of 3 sub types of testosterone:

  1. Free testosterone. It’s labelled free as it isn’t attached to any proteins and can be utilised by the cells to help build muscle and boost your mood.
  2. SHBG bound testosterone. Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is a protein, produced in the liver, that the majority of testosterone is bound to. The amount of SHBG in the body helps to regulate the amount of free testosterone. It cannot be unbound.
  3. Albumin bound testosterone. Albumin is also a protein produced in the liver that binds with testosterone. In this form it is not bioavailable, similar to SHBG bound T, however it can become unbound and utilised as free testosterone as the link between albumin and testosterone isn’t strong.

Historically, only the free testosterone was thought to be the biologically active component. It’s now recognised that albumin and testosterone are found to dissociate freely in the capillary bed, thereby making testosterone becoming readily available for tissue uptake. Therefore, all non-SHBG-bound testosterone is considered bioavailable.

Healthy ranges for free testosterone and bioavailable (free + albumin bound) testosterone appear below

Males (adult):
20-<25 years: 5.25-20.7 ng/dL
25-<30 years: 5.05-19.8 ng/dL
30-<35 years: 4.85-19.0 ng/dL
35-<40 years: 4.65-18.1 ng/dL
40-<45 years: 4.46-17.1 ng/dL
45-<50 years: 4.26-16.4 ng/dL
50-<55 years: 4.06-15.6 ng/dL
55-<60 years: 3.87-14.7 ng/dL
60-<65 years: 3.67-13.9 ng/dL
65-<70 years: 3.47-13.0 ng/dL
70-<75 years: 3.28-12.2 ng/dL
75-<80 years: 3.08-11.3 ng/dL
80-<85 years: 2.88-10.5 ng/dL
85-<90 years: 2.69-9.61 ng/dL
90-<95 years: 2.49-8.76 ng/dL
95-100+ years: 2.29-7.91 ng/dL

< or =19 years: not established
20-29 years: 83-257 ng/dL
30-39 years: 72-235 ng/dL
40-49 years: 61-213 ng/dL
50-59 years: 50-190 ng/dL
60-69 years: 40-168 ng/dL

Testosterone production lessens as we age and the symptoms of having low testosterone are detrimental to our health. If your lifestyle is being affected by any of these symptoms, it can’t hurt to ask your doctor if it could be due to low testosterone and be tested appropriately.

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Testosterone Booster Advice

“…we advise, you decide…”

You are here: Home / Testosterone Booster Supplements Reviews / ZMA ProZMA Pro

ZMA Pro has been developed by the world renowned supplements developer, Universal Nutrition. This product is “suggested to increase strength in athletes and increase growth and recovery”.

Universal Nutrition has chosen to present this product as a “high-quality ZMA for optimal testosterone support”.

The primary goal of this product is to build muscle, and its primary ingredient composition is ZMA.

zma pro

Serving Information

Each serving size is the equivalent of three capsules, and there are 90 capsules in every container of ZMA Pro.

Relevant Ingredients

ZMA Pro contains a number of well-known ingredients including vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 performs a number of important functions in the human body such as allowing it to use and store energy it receives from proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin B6 also helps to manufacture haemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen around the body. Unfortunately, vitamin B6 is not renowned to elevate testosterone levels. This vitamin is more of a testosterone maintainer, as opposed to a booster.

ZMA Pro also contains zinc. Zinc has proven itself in numerous clinical studies to enhance testosterone. A number of studies have shown men with zinc deficiencies, also displaying symptoms of low testosterone. The same studies also presented men with healthy zinc intakes, nearly always had healthy testosterone levels.

ZMA Pro also contains magnesium, which is an essential mineral that is responsible for converting food into energy, as well as ensuring that the parathyroid gland remain in good working order. Just like vitamin B6, magnesium is not really considered to be a testosterone enhancer.


A small number of people have experienced migraines, and difficulties in sleeping at night. It must be noted that the vast majority of people that have used ZMA Pro have not really experienced any adverse reactions.

How to Use ZMA Pro

The manufacturer recommends that you take three capsules on a daily basis, preferably on an empty stomach, between 30 and 60 minutes before going to bed.

How Much is ZMA Pro?


Our Take

ZMA Pro is a very simple supplement. Its ingredient composition is minimal. Unfortunately for this product, only one ingredient is clinically proven to enhance testosterone, and that is zinc. From our experience, zinc on its own is not enough to enjoy it optimal testosterone levels. This ingredient is more effective when is accompanied by a number of other proven ingredients such as D-aspartic acid or even fenugreek.

Taking all of this into account, it must be concluded that ZMA Pro is a below par product due to the lack of effective ingredients, and this is reflected in the extremely modest price tag of $12.48.

If you happen to choose this product as your chosen testosterone booster, you should not expect any miraculous increases in your testosterone.

Top Rated Testosterone BoosterDiscover Why PrimeMale leaves the competition behind….


PrimeMale is one the newest testosterone boosters to hit the market. It has already caught the attention of savvy supplement users. So what sets this product apart?

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Opt In ImageTestosterone Boosters Can Help You To…

  • Alleviate Symptoms of Fatigue
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  • Life Overall Mood


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Testosterone Booster Advice

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Does It Increase Testosterone?


Has It Been Studied?


Link To Study

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Latest Testosterone Boosters Reviews



PrimeMale is a new testosterone booster that is designed to overcome symptoms of low testosterone. This product is not specifically targeted to the body building market, like the competition, instead, the manufacturer has gone a long way towards explaining how the average man (as opposed to athletes and bodybuilders) will benefit from using this product.

Okay, […]


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Vitamin C

Testosterone Booster Advice

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Vitamin C


Type of Vitamin

Also Known As…

Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbate, 2-oxo-L-threo-hexono-1,4-lactone-2,3-enediol, L-ascorbic acid

Does It Increase Testosterone?


Has It Been Studied?


Link To Study

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Latest Testosterone Boosters Reviews



PrimeMale is a new testosterone booster that is designed to overcome symptoms of low testosterone. This product is not specifically targeted to the body building market, like the competition, instead, the manufacturer has gone a long way towards explaining how the average man (as opposed to athletes and bodybuilders) will benefit from using this product.

Okay, […]


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Vitamin B6

Testosterone Booster Advice

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Vitamin B6 May 27, 2014 By Leave a Comment

Vitamin B6 refers to a collection of molecules that share a similar structure to the pyridoxine molecule, and is vital to the human body for it to allow proper functioning by influencing certain enzymes.

This vitamin plays a vital role in cellular proliferation and regulation, and studies have suggested that a deficiency can lead to the development of various cancers.


Type Of Vitamin

Also Known As…

pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, pyridoxal, pyridoxal phosphate, pyridoxal-5′-phosphate, PLP

Does It Increase Testosterone?


Has It Been Studied?


Link To Study

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Latest Testosterone Boosters Reviews



PrimeMale is a new testosterone booster that is designed to overcome symptoms of low testosterone. This product is not specifically targeted to the body building market, like the competition, instead, the manufacturer has gone a long way towards explaining how the average man (as opposed to athletes and bodybuilders) will benefit from using this product.

Okay, […]


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Testosterone Boosters: Understanding the Facts

Testosterone Booster Advice

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Testosterone Boosters: Understanding the Facts January 24, 2014 By Leave a Comment

Testosterone boosters pretty much do exactly what the name suggests. These supplements are designed help to increase production of testosterone inside your body. It is imperative that you don’t confuse natural testosterone boosters with anabolic steroids (aka pro-hormone) because the two are completely separate concepts.

TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS e1399466805886 f improf 604x312 Testosterone Boosters: Understanding the Facts

Natural testosterone boosters contain no elements of steroids whatsoever. They are made mostly from natural ingredients, where as the anabolic steroids function by pumping synthetic hormones into your body. This is the key difference between natural testosterone boosters and anabolic steroids.

Why Should You Use Natural Testosterone Boosters?

testosterone boosters1 e1399466644702 f improf 600x313 Testosterone Boosters: Understanding the Facts

Natural testosterone boosters provide many benefits. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional bodybuilder, athlete, or are looking to gain some extra muscle mass, lose body fat, increase your strength levels, or your aim is to drastically cut the “recovery” period in between your workouts, luckily, testosterone boosters can assist in all of these things.

Testosterone boosters help to maintain your body in an anabolic state for as long as possible. This can only really be done when the natural testosterone levels are increased, which then in turn helps to build new muscle tissue much more quickly and efficiently.

By using an effective testosterone booster, you will notice that after your training sessions, the recovery time in between your workouts will be significantly cut because your muscle tissue will be able to repair itself in half the time, resulting from your body’s ability to assimilate more protein.

The extra testosterone production will also lead to much more effective fat loss because testosterone is key to burning body fat in an efficient manner. If you happen to be an “older” gentleman that is looking to regain some of that vigor that you once had, or maybe your libido is causing your relationship problems, finding the right testosterone booster will go a long way in helping to alleviate your problems.

What Key Ingredients Should I Look for?

testosterone boosters2 e1390916925520 f improf 604x305 Testosterone Boosters: Understanding the Facts

There are many ingredients that have a positive contributory factor to the production of testosterone. First and foremost, there is something called “fenugreek”.   This is basically a plant extract that has been used for many years in parts of the world to help men increase their testosterone production, as well as the libido. Other important ingredients include “D-aspartic acid”.  This ingredient is often used by professional athletes to attain significant gains.

These are just a few examples of natural testosterone enhancing ingredients. To learn more about the ingredients that go into testosterone boosters, click here. Unfortunately, for a testosterone booster to be effective, it should do more than simply encourage your body to create more testosterone.

The best testosterone boosters also contain vital ingredients that are required to suppress estrogen levels. Remember that as your testosterone levels begin to increase, so do your estrogen levels. This essentially means that you are not necessarily any more anabolic, and in addition you might be more susceptible to the negative effects of estrogen.

The best estrogen suppressing agents include “White Button Mushroom”, “I-3-C”, “ATD”, and “Reveratrol”. By ensuring that these ingredients are included in your chosen testosterone booster, you can then be sure that there is a significant “gulf” between your testosterone and estrogen.

This “gulf” will (hopefully) continue to grow and will have a direct impact on just how anabolic your body will become.


testosterone boosters3 e1390916989143 f improf 604x287 Testosterone Boosters: Understanding the Facts

So there you have it.  You now know what ingredients to look for when you are in the process of selecting one of the many natural testosterone boosters available. If you play your cards right, you will choose a supplement and then never look back. Natural testosterone boosters are much understated in the benefits that it they could provide users.

Remember, by the time you reach your late 20s, your natural testosterone production will begin to diminish. It is better to take steps and act now and do all you can to “crank up” your testosterone levels. I promise you that you will notice the difference.

Have you ever used any natural testosterone boosters? If so, we would love to hear your stories and learn whether you found the supplement useful for your purpose. Please leave your comments in the box below.

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