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Cycle Armor

Cycle Armor is described as “the pinnacle of cycling protection and daily health”. This product is designed to work in a number of ways to help overall male health. The manufacturer responsible for developing this product is Lecheek Nutrition.

Cycle Armor

Manufacturer’s Claims

Cycle Armor is apparently the next big thing in men’s health to hit the market. The manufacturer states that Cycle Armor contains key components that are designed to keep your organs safe, whether you are in your cycle period, or you have just come off it. Cycle Armor contains six key ingredients that are designed to keep users healthy and there are able to maintain overall health during the post cycle phase.

Cycle Armor contains powerful ingredients such as Celery Seed, Hawthorn Berry, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. This product is touted as helping to restore heart, liver and prostate health. Cycle Armor can be used “all year round” and is supposedly beneficial for overall health. The key features that this product provides include liver and organ support, prostate support, blood sugar assistance, and blood pressure support.

Serving Information

Each serving size is equivalent to 2 capsules, and there are 30 capsules inside each container of Cycle Armor.

(Relevent) Ingredients

Saw palmetto is Ineffective in increasing testosterone and there are no other ingredients present that deserve a looking over due to their irrelevance to testosterone enhancement.


No reported major side effects.

How to Use Cycle Armor

For optimum results, it is advised to take two capsules accompanied by food. Under no circumstances should users exceed four capsules within a 24 hour period.

How Much Is Cycle Armor?


Our Take

This product should not really be described as a testosterone booster. It is better described as an “organ protector”. Although Cycle Armor contains many more ingredients than we have displayed, saw palmetto is the only ingredient that is even remotely associated with testosterone enhancement. Unfortunately, even this ingredient is proven to be completely ineffective in influencing testosterone levels. As a result, users are unlikely to experience any testosterone enhancement by using this product. This is clearly reflected in its retail price.

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7 Benefits Of Using A Testosterone Booster

We have shortlisted the main 7 benefits of using a testosterone booster, to allow our readers to get a clearer picture of exactly what these supplements are all about.

As with all products, there are some good, as well as some not-so-good testosterone boosters available. We have made it our job to identify and pinpoint the potential benefits and the pitfalls of using these products.

7 Benefits Of Using A Testosterone Booster 

In order to determine whether a testosterone booster is effective, you should expect the following benefits at the very least.

Increased Muscle Mass

Increased Muscle Mass

A good quality testosterone booster should make an immediate difference to your body composition, and your muscle mass development in particular. An effective testosterone increase will manifest itself through muscle mass development.





Increased Strength

Increased Strength

Strength will be dramatically increased, and this will become more apparent when working out in the gym. Weight training routines will seem somewhat easier, where previously exercises, involving heavy weights have been a struggle. You will be able to perform slower, and in a more controlled manner, as opposed to “swinging” the weights.



Reduced Fat

Reduced Fat

An increase in testosterone will work to counterbalance the estrogen presence inside the body. Estrogen is one of the main culprits that causes unwanted body fat storage. Testosterone, on the other hand will work to diminish fatty deposits.

Improved Libido

can also help you increase your sex drive

As you probably know, testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is responsible for the upkeep of the male libido, among other things. With age, testosterone levels begin to drop, and one of the first notable changes that occur is a loss of interest in sex.

A good quality testosterone booster will work to tackle this problem head-on. The increased testosterone will almost immediately raise the libido. However, if there are other more serious medical conditions present, only then will a testosterone booster be insufficient.

Improved Focus and Concentration

more testosterone means a better cognitive function

A person’s ability to remain focused and maintain concentration will be greatly enhanced. One of the main symptoms of low testosterone is the inability to remain focused on a task for a prolonged period of time. This in turn affects other areas of life such as the ability to meet everyday goals.

A good quality testosterone booster will soon put an end to these problems.

Improved Sense of Well-Being

a testosterone booster can improve your sense of wellbeing

The general sense of well-being will be greatly enhanced. Low testosterone is often linked to signs of depression and a low quality of life.

But with the help of a good quality testosterone booster, testosterone levels will soon return to where they ought to be, allowing the individual to start enjoying life once again.

Increased Self Confidence

self confidence can also be greatly enhanced

Self confidence will naturally increase. This is inevitable because you will look much better, you will enjoy more energy to deal with everyday life, your attention span and the ability to concentrate will be greatly enhanced, which will naturally lead to an increased ability in achieving your goals.

If this does not give you self-confidence, I honestly do not know what will!

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